The Easy Method To Make The Wonderful Baked Alaska At Home

Baked Alaska is a classic dessert, a delicious combination of ice cream, crushed Oreos, and meringue. This dessert not only delicious and beautiful but more importantly, the process of making it is very wonderful.

Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska

What you need:

Milk                              200ml
Whipping Cream       200ml
Egg white                    3pcs
Granulated sugar      80g
Lemon juice

How to:

1, Add 200ml whipping milk and 60g sugar into the bowl, beat them, and then add 200ml milk into the bowl, mix well.

2, Pour the mixture into Ibywind YF700 Thermoelectric Automatic Ice Cream Maker, plug the power and press once the menu button, the light will point at C1 hard ice cream, then the machine will work for 120 minutes automatically.

3, After finished, the machine will shut off automatically, and then scoop the ice cream into the ball and freeze them until you use them.

4, Separate the egg white and yolk with a separator, and then whip the 3 egg whites in the large bowl until light and foamy. And then add 20g granulated sugar and some lemon juice, continue to whisk until glossy and stiff.

5, Pave well with crushed Oreos and then and put ice cream in the top of Oreos.

6, Cover the ice cream completely with meringue, ensuring there are no gaps. Use a knife to smooth it then make swirls and peaks to give it an interesting surface.

7, Torch the meringue until golden brown, and then add some marshmallow, continues to torch the marshmallow until golden brown.

8, Sprinkle with some Vodka over the very top of the meringue, and carefully light on fire with the blowtorch. The Baked Alaska is ready, serve immediately.