pitaya ice cream

Pitaya Ice Cream (Dragon Fruit Ice Cream) Recipe

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As we all know, pitaya is one of the famous tropical fruits. Pitaya not only tastes sweet but also has high nutritional value. And it has three types: white-fleshed pitaya, red-fleshed pitaya, and yellow pitaya. Well, today I will make the ice cream with white-fleshed pitaya. Surely, with this Ibywind YF700 Thermoelectric Automatic Ice Cream Maker, this “job” will be easier.

Pitaya Ice Cream Video Guide

Ingredients Of Pitaya Ice Cream

  • Whipping Cream 60ml

  • Milk 110ml

  • Granulated Sugar 25g

  • Pitaya 1pc

Best Ice Cream Maker You Will Need

Ibywind YF700

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Pitaya Ice Cream Gallery

Step To Make Pitaya Ice Cream

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