Only Five Steps To Make Passion Fruit Ice Cream: Video Guide

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Passion fruit contains hundreds of elements that are very beneficial to the human body, such as protein, amino acids, vitamin C, phosphorus, iron, calcium and so on. Passion fruit is called the king of vitamin C in the fruit. Moreover, the taste and aroma of passion fruit are quite attractive. Therefore, today I will make the passion fruit ice cream with Ibywind YF700 Ice Cream Maker.

Passion Fruit Ice Cream Video Guide

Ingredients Of Passion Fruit Ice Cream

  • Whipping Cream 70ML

  • Milk 110ML

  • Condensed Milk 30ML

  • Passion Fruit 5 PCS

Best Ice Cream Maker You Will Need

Ibywind YF700

$99 Free Shipping Worldwide

Galleries Of Passion Fruit Ice Cream

  • filter passion fruit pulp

    filter passion fruit pulp

  • passion fruit juice

    passion fruit juice

  • pour whipping cream

    pour whipping cream

  • and pour the milk

    and pour milk

  • pour passion fruit juice

    pour passion fruit juice

  • add Condensed Milk

    add Condensed Milk

  • mix ingredients well

    mix ingredients well

  • 01 hard ice cream

    01 hard ice cream

  • ice cream is ready

    ice cream is ready

  • scoop out passion fruit ice cream

    scoop out passion fruit ice cream

  • Drizzle with passion fruit

    Drizzle with passion fruit

  • passion fruit ice cream

    passion fruit ice cream

Step To Make Passion Fruit Ice Cream

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