scoop tangerine ice cream out and place it in one plate, put a mint

Homemade Tangerine Ice Cream Recipe: Video Guide

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Homemade tangerine ice cream is a complete new fresh taste for this hot summer. The acid tangerine and sweet ice cream works fabulous together on your tongue. You will never forget about it after taking it. How to make homemade orange ice cream then? With Ibywind YF700 ice cream maker, it becomes super easy!

How To Make Tangerine Ice Cream:Video Guide

Homemade Tangerine Ice Cream Ingredients

  • 1. 5 PCS Tangerines

    The tangerines need to be fresh or your can replace them with the fresh oranges.

  • 2. 80Ml Skim Milk

    We use skim milk as we want a health diet. If you prefer more fat, you can use the whole milk.

  • 3. 40Ml Whipped Milk

    Normally the ratio of whipped cream and skim milk is 1:1, but we want the ice cream is more harder, so we add only 40ml whipped cream.

  • 4. 30G Sugar

    If you want the ice cream more sweet, you can add more sugar.

Best Ice Cream Maker You Will Need

Ibywind YF700

Best Ice Cream Maker-$99 Free shipping

Homemade Tangerine Ice Cream Recipe

Prepare 5 pcs fresh tangerines, 80ml skim milk, 40ml whipped milk, 30g sugar.
Peel the tangerines and put them into Ibywind ice crusher or other blenders to process. You will get a fresh tangerines juice.
Pour the tangerines juice into a bowl and use a filter to make sure no chunk left in the juice.
Pour the ready tangerines juice, skim milk, sugar, whipped cream into Ibywind YF700 ice cream maker and stir the mixture well.
Press the menu button 1 time on the ice cream maker. The option hard ice cream is chosen.
120mins later, you will hear a be~be~sound. Then the tangerine ice cream is ready. Scoop the ice cream out and put them into a bowl. You can put a mint to decorate it.

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